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« LWEXライト吊り裏毛ショートスリーブスウェット入荷です。 | メイン | 記念T用刺繍テスト »

This is a notice regarding the navy follow-up version of the NIKE 'FUWA MAX'. This item will be ready for retail from Saturday May 18th. Retail price including tax will be 14,700 yen. Aside from our Sendagaya, Osaka and Fukuoka stores this item is scheduled for retail at 5 NIKE stores, as well as a number of BEAMS stores. We're very sorry but this item will not be sold through the Loopwheeler WEBSTORE. As for the specifics regarding the retail of this item; this will vary between our Sendagaya, Osaka and Fukuoka stores, so if it's not too much trouble please enquire directly at the relevant location.
Once again, as part of the AIR VORTEX base spec, we have fussed over the fine details, including the same dual-branded woven tag, shoelaces with rubber tips, heel logo, reflector color, alternative pairs of laces and the already well-known LW pinwheel logo design shoe bag (of course it's navy!). I imagine that the most significant change from the grey FUWA MAX is the oversize white LOOPWHEELER logo print on blue insoles. Ironically, this part of the spec will be rarely seen.
Here it is. I really want to express my gratitude to NIKE for doing this for us. Thank you.
Here's what it looks like up close.
Here's the front view.
And from behind too. Once again here we're using the nubuck and buckskin combo.
Here we have the LW mark on the inside of the tongue. This time around the default lace options are navy and also white with black.
The grey melange and natural color combination of the grey FUWA MAX was beautiful, but the all navy combined with the blue insole on this version really works amazingly well. I think this is a really cool model. As with the grey model, this item is made using our LW basic french terry. If it's not too much hassle I hope that you'll all start making enquiries ASAP. @Satoshi Suzuki / WEG